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experienced are you?

At Team4eCom, we have been providing eCommerce catalog and product data management services for over a decade and a half. The range of our services is comprehensive and we provide end-to-end catalog and product data management solutions. We do catalog processing, product data entry, catalog building and indexing, catalog content management and catalog updating and maintenance. We also provide our clients back office support and help them upload shopping data feed and product data feed. As a part of our eCommerce solutions we provide product image processing services, product description writing services and product review writing services too.

What is your level of experience with diverse industry verticals?

As we have been around for a decade and a half, we are experienced with a great variety of industry verticals. We have rendered catalog and product data management services to eStores dealing in sanitary ware, automobile components, jewelry, toys, baby products, furniture, apparel, lighting, electronic goods, consumer durables and a great deal else.

In which parts of the world are your clients based?

We have clients all over the world. However, the majority of them are located in UK, US, Australia and countries of Continental Europe.

Project Management

What is the project development cycle that you follow?

The project development cycle at Team4eCom is pretty straightforward. To begin with, you communicate your project requirements to us, we study them thoroughly and devise or customize a solution for you. In the second stage you pass on to us the admin login details and password of your eStore along with the product data. We are comfortable with all kinds of product data source formats - .CSV, MS Excel or hardcopy. We can also capture product data from the manufacturer’s websites. Once work on a project begins we assign you a dedicated Project Manager who constantly remains in touch with you over Skype, mail, or phone. He/she answers all your queries and also receives your inputs which are passed on to the team.

I am not comfortable sharing my admin login and password details. What alternative do I have?

It is perfectly fine if you do not want to share your admin login and password details with us. In such a situation we will do product data entry offline on an Excel Spreadsheet.

Do you ink a service agreement prior to beginning work on a project?

Yes, we do. Before we start working on a project we sign a services contract. The contract lays down the responsibilities of both parties along with the price, deliverables, delivery schedule and complaint handling mechanisms.

Do you do free sample or trial projects?

Yes, to help our potential clients gauge the quality of our work, we do a sample/trial/pilot project free of cost. Once you are satisfied with the quality of our work, you can assign us a whole project.

Once assigned a project, how long do take to begin working on it?

Twenty-four hours. However, in case you are in great rush, we can even begin working on your project immediately after finalizing the project deal.

How, and in what form, can I transfer my product data to you?

By various means and in several forms. We accept product data in the form of .CSV files, Excel spreadsheets and even hardcopy catalogs. If required, we can also capture product data from the manufacturer’s websites. As about the means of transfer, you can either email us the product data or send it to us in the form of a secure FTP download.


How do you receive payments?

When you make us your outsourcing partner, you have several payment options. We receive payments through PayPal and Wire Transfer or by Credit Card.


How safe is my product data in your hands?

It is one hundred per cent safe. We sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients and a confidentiality agreement with our employees to keep your product data completely secure.

What other measures do you have in place to ensure data safety?

Several. Access to all our work floors is regulated by biometric scans, only authorized persons are allowed to enter them. All the work floors are watched over by surveillance cameras. We also have firewalls and VPNs in place for inbound and outbound security. Besides, all our systems are shorn of external data storage devices such as CD drives and USB ports. They are further secured by anti-virus software and back-up drive managers. We store hard-copy documents in fire proof cabinets on an off-site facility.

Team Management

By what means will your team stay in touch with me?

Our team and the Project Manager heading it will be constantly available on Skype, phone, email and instant messengers like Yahoo, Google Talk, AOL and MSN to answer your queries and to keep you updated on the progress of the work.

In case the performance of your team, or of the Project Manager handling it,
is below par, what redress mechanism do you have in place?

We assure you that such an eventuality will never arise. But in case something like this does happen you can communicate your grievances to the Operations Manager, the Vice President heading the Division and/or the CEO. They will ensure that the non-performing team/Project Manager are replaced with those more able. If necessary, we will also modify the process. However, if the situation is completely beyond salvage, we will reimburse your money.

How do you cope if the work flow augments without or on a very short notice?

An increase in work-flow is not an issue with us. We can easily scale up our teams and resources to cope with increased work flows. Our professionals are skilled and experienced enough to handle all work flow related issues.


How streamlined are your channels of communication?

We put a lot of premium on smooth communication with our clients. The top management and Project Managers at Team4eCom are available 24*7 to provide you updates and answer your queries. Depending upon where you are located, we sync our work hours with yours. This ensures that you do not have to be up on an unearthly hour to communicate with our teams. We work six days a week from Monday to Saturday.

How can I follow the progress of my project?

Monitoring the progress of your project is easy when you partner with Team4eCom. Our Project Managers are always available on Skype, phone and email to provide you updates and answer your queries. Even if you do not seek updates, they will still submit a detailed work report to you at the end of a working day.

eCommerce Service Enquiries

Can you help a brick and mortar store owner venture into eCommerce?

We put a lot of premium on smooth communication with our clients. The top management and Project Managers at Team4eCom are available 24*7 to provide you updates and answer your queries. Depending upon where you are located, we sync our work hours with yours. This ensures that you do not have to be up on an unearthly hour to communicate with our teams. We work six days a week from Monday to Saturday.

What eCommerce platforms do you work with – hosted or open source?

We are equally proficient with both kinds of software and will help you customize them to exactly suit your requirements.

Do you assist eStore owners with shopping cart migration?

Yes, we do. Irrespective of the shopping cart your eStore is mounted on, we will help you migrate it to another eCommerce platform without the slightest loss of product data.

How do you enter and arrange product data?

We can arrange product data on three bases. It can be arranged on the basis of general information such as product name, description, meta keywords, meta description, page title, URL keys, etc. The other option is to arrange it by display settings - name, best value, price, etc. In case you prefer neither of the two options, we can custom design a setting for displaying and sorting product data.

Can you skillfully base different mark-up multipliers on a whole sale cost or base price
and apply it to two or more shops?

Yes, we can devise and implement a mark-up multiplier upon the base price shown in the backend catalog of your eStore as the retail price to the visitors to your eStore. We can also devise and implement multipliers upon diverse currencies and prices. Besides, we can also add / update standard prices, special prices for specific products and enlist Special Prices From/To Date.

Do you perform product image editing and video editing?

The photo editors at Team4eCom edit product images very skillfully. They will remove all spots and blemishes from your product images, correct the light, contrast and color on them and extract them from unattractive backgrounds using the Photoshop lasso tool. We can produce product images of all kinds – thumbnail, zoom and custom defined. We will create Multiple Images/Multi-Dimensional Views for your eStore’s products and use Gallery Feature and Add Picture Icon to convey to your buyers what photos you have in your listing.

As a part of our video editing services we include or remove subtitles, watermarks, logos, etc. We also ensure that your video’s file size, length, format, etc., are within the limits stipulated by the particular shopping cart or marketplace.

Do you provide product description writing and catalog copywriting services?

Yes, at Team4eCom we have in our ranks skilled writers who will pen unique, persuasive and error free product descriptions for your eStore. If required, they will edit and rewrite your existing product descriptions and rid them of grammatical and typographical errors.

Our catalog copywriting specialists have extensive experience of various industry verticals. When you partner with us, we select and assign you a catalog copywriter experienced in the particular industry vertical you deal in. Team4eCom’s catalog copywriting experts will create product descriptions which will improve the conversion rate of your eStore by persuading visitors to make a purchase.

Can your eCommerce services meet the requirements of multi-lingual websites?

Yes, we can process and enter product data in all major European languages like French, German, Dutch, Italian, Danish, etc. So, if you have an eStore in a language other than English then too our services are relevant for you. Besides, multilingual product upload, we provide multilingual SEO services. We also perform Linguistic Keyword Research, Language / region specific Link building, country specific competition analysis, etc.

Do you work on meta data while performing product data entry?

Yes, when performing product data entry we optimize and upload your product meta tags, meta titles and meta descriptions.

Can you customize your SEO and eCommerce marketing services to suit the requirements
of diverse eStores?

Yes, our services are very flexible and we work on our eCommerce marketing solutions and data feed optimization in order to drive qualified traffic to your eStore. Our SEO and eCommerce marketing solutions are very diverse – we perform eCommerce website optimization, shopping cart optimization, product page optimization, shopping feed optimization for Yahoo Shopping, eBay, Google Base Product Feed Optimization (Froogle), Amazon, etc., and conversion optimization. Alongside, we provide multi-lingual SEO services in Dutch, Italian, German, French, Danish, etc., to help you scout for business in non-English speaking countries. Our SEO and eCommerce marketing services also include PPC marketing, social media marketing and website analytics and reporting.

Do you list product data on marketplaces and comparison shopping engines?

Yes, we will upload your product data on market places like eBay, Amazon, Sears, Buy/ and on comparison shopping engines like PriceGrabber, Google Product Feed, Shopzilla, Yahoo! Shopping, TheFind, Amazon,, NexTag, etc. As we list your product data, we also edit your product categories and help you with inventory management, order processing, channel analytics and customer support.

Do your professionals keep themselves updated on the latest dynamics of the
eCommerce retail environment?

Yes, at Team4eCom we do not get complacent even for a moment. We constantly update ourselves on the latest developments in eCommerce retail, be it the current most version versions of the shopping carts or the data feed requirements of the online marketplaces and comparison shopping engines.

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