Product Data Classification Services

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Product Data Classification Services

Picture a supermarket or a grocery store. Products that are of a similar nature/category are placed together. All the shampoos are placed together in an aisle labeled as “Personal Care”, all the vegetables and fruits are placed in a dedicated section, electronics have a different aisle. Why do they do that? Simple. So that their customers don’t have a hard time finding things they want to buy.

This holds true for an online retailer, too, only a tad more important. At a supermarket, you could take the assistance of one of their employees if you’re having trouble finding a product. An online customer, on the contrary, doesn’t have that luxury—if things are not categorized or organized properly, the potential buyer will find it immensely difficult to find the product he/she is looking for. The odds of losing that customer would be very high. This is where we can help you with our ecommerce product data classification services.

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What is Product Data Classification?

Product data classification may seem like a self-explanatory term. However, as straightforward as it may sound, the process itself can be complex, time-consuming and oftentimes tricky due to various factors such as different data formats, incorrect or missing information, unstructured data from different sources, etc. Classification schemes and taxonomic codes can vary depending on the country or manufacturer—for instance, the classification scheme used in the US may not work in the UK.

Product data classification is very important for the success of an online store.

All about grouping products based on the hierarchical strategy of the retailer. This is to help the visitors find a variety of products once they do a hierarchical based search. Products kept in a wrong classification may still be found in a brick and mortar retailer giving it a scope to be taken back into the right aisle within the retail outlet. This gets to be impossible in an e-retail outlet because the products – if grouped wrong, will never be found in the right search. The products will also not get sold if found in the wrong search.

Inadequacy of Product Data Classification

Product Data Classification Services

Advantages of Product Data Classification

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