Product Data Matching and De-duplication services

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Product Data Matching and De-duplication services

Product data matching services or product data deduplication services is the process of data optimization where a unified product catalog is created. Here multi-dimensional product information is merged into a single SKU. The main advantage of product data matching and deduplication services is that your customers get a consistent and integrated view of the offering. In case the same product appears several times on your store or even on other marketplaces, you can be sure that your buyer does not notice any typographical error or pricing discrepancies.

We have the expertise to identify matching products or SKUs across different e-commerce catalogs to de-duplicate and reconcile with the master product list.

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Benefits of Ecommerce Data Deduplication Services and Product Matching Services

What Are Product Data Deduplication Services All About?

An integrated product catalog is important for the success of an online store. To achieve this, data is matched and merged from multiple sources such as printed catalogs from various suppliers and manufacturers. Besides, multiple variations like size, color, dimension, etc. are also matched for similar SKUs along with different offers available online.

Some of the key identifiers to match an item are:

Why Choose Team4eCom for Data Deduplication and Product Data Matching Services?

Team4eCom is an expert in ecommerce data matching services and ecommerce data deduplication services. Our data specialists can skillfully determine identical products and extract data from them to match with one another. The challenge here is that there is virtually no unique product identifier that is universally used by a seller or re-seller. Therefore, only a focused and experienced eye can accomplish this task. Our data entry personnel have the same level of expertise for your specific data needs. With 1000+ full-time employees, we are capable of handling any volume of data with complete accuracy in the shortest time possible.

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