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ChannelAdvisor (now rebranded as Rithum) empowers businesses to organize backend activities and expand sales across global marketplaces from one centralized hub. But sellers often find that the effort needed to manage ChannelAdvisor account themselves is unsustainable. Reasonably, since understanding the platform's intricacies, allocating sufficient time for optimization, and tackling technical hurdles while focusing on business growth can be challenging.

Our ChannelAdvisor experts help you overcome this hurdle!

Team4eCom is a leading eCommerce outsourcing company equipped with the experience to help you scale across marketplaces. Our ChannelAdvisor management services involve managing end-to-end operations, so your business can perform better.

  • Integrate ChannelAdvisor with your eCommerce platform and other business systems
  • Optimize product listings and campaigns for each sales channel
  • Set up and manage rules for inventory, pricing, and orders
  • Monitor and analyze your account performance
  • Troubleshoot problems and technical issues

Here's how our ChannelAdvisor marketplace management services can help

Unlock the full potential of each sales channel through dedicated ChannelAdvisor management services. Our services are not just designed to help businesses overcome their unique set of challenges but also to streamline their operations and achieve better results.

Product listing management

We manage and optimize your product listings on various marketplaces through ChannelAdvisor. As a part of ChannelAdvisor product listing services, our experts take care of eCommerce data entry, bulk upload, and listing creation & optimization according to the marketplace guidelines.

Product category management

We meticulously classify and map products into appropriate categories and sub-categories to maximize their discoverability on all marketplaces. Utilizing ChannelAdvisor's Categorizer Suite, our experts automatically fill in product categories, even if they are not part of your product data.

Attribute development & enrichment

We conduct our research to identify the critical product attributes for your business (such as item name, description, price, brand, color, size, and materials) and add them to the catalog. Our experts also check your listings to identify incorrect and missing attributes and update them to improve the accuracy of your product data.

Product variation creation

Our eCommerce experts create and manage multiple variation listings of products based on their colors, sizes, materials, and other attributes, according to the requirements of marketplaces. By creating product variations, we help businesses to provide more options for customers to choose from.

Product image editing

Our product photo editing experts optimize and upload the images of your products according to the guidelines of each marketplace. We utilize industry-leading image editing tools to perform various tasks, such as background removal/replacement, cropping, bulk image resizing, retouching, and much more.

Price monitoring & optimization

Our team consistently monitors competitors' listings, market trends, and product demand to assist you in optimizing the pricing of items for enhanced conversions. Utilizing ChannelAdvisor's marketplace repricing tools, we adjust the prices for your products in real time for various channels.

Inventory management

We keep track of your stock data for all marketplaces and update it regularly so you can fulfill customers' demands without the risk of overstocking. Our eCommerce experts sync quantities of all items across all platforms to ensure you won't face situations like out-of-stock and overselling for better customer satisfaction.

Order management

We consolidate product data across all eCommerce platforms to automate order processing and keep track of shipping, payments, and returns. Utilizing ChannelAdvisor's shipping management features, we select the right carriers for each order based on destination and other factors and automate the order fulfillment process for all marketplaces.

Datafeed management

We leverage ChannelAdvisor's Product Feed Management features to efficiently optimize the data feed (including details such as product titles, descriptions, images, and prices) for each marketplace to meet their merchandising, marketing & advertising requirements.

Customer support & maintenance

Our eCommerce support team is proficient in managing customer queries across all marketplaces through ChannelAdvisor. Additionally, based on our interactions, we create a database consisting of the frequently asked queries and behavioral details of customers that businesses can utilize for informed decision-making.

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Our Workflow for ChannelAdvisor management services

We follow a proven and efficient approach to identify your goals and work towards achieving them. Our five-step process for ChannelAdvisor management features:

Why choose Team4eCom for ChannelAdvisor management?

Our team's hands-on experience and expertise in multichannel marketplace management uniquely position us to assist businesses of any size in achieving success

When you outsource ChannelAdvisor management services to us, you get:

Seamlessly expand your reach on multiple marketplaces
with ChannelAdvisor experts

We are committed to providing best-in-class solutions to brands, online sellers, and manufacturers to expand their reach on all popular eCommerce platforms. Connect with us for free project consultation and sampling.


What is your pricing structure for ChannelAdvisor management services?

Our pricing for ChannelAdvisor multichannel management services varies depending on project requirements, complexity, and urgency. To cater to the tailored requirements of businesses, we offer flexible engagement models, allowing them to hire resources or a dedicated eCommerce experts team according to their budget & turnaround time. To get an exact cost estimation, you can reach out to us at info@team4ecom.com.

Can you handle my bulk product upload and listing optimization requirements?

Yes, we have a large team of eCommerce experts who can handle your growing requirements. Our experts can bulk-upload your products on multiple marketplaces by complying with their guidelines and optimizing them to ensure maximum search visibility and conversions.

How often will I get reports on my account's growth or sales performance?

We assign you a dedicated project manager who will share regular reports (weekly, monthly, or as per your preference) to keep you updated about your account's growth. The reports will include various metrics, such as sales data, inventory levels, and marketplace performance metrics, to help you make informed decisions for your business.

What measures do you take to ensure data security and privacy?

As an ISO-certified company, we are committed to protecting our clients' data. We take stringent data security measures, including:
  • Signing service-level agreements (NDAs) with clients before onboarding
  • Promoting authorized access by implementing role-based access control (RBAC) and requiring multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all sensitive data.
  • Using firewalls and secure VPNs when working on clients' ChannelAdvisor accounts.
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