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Amazon Photo Editing & Retouching Services

Outsource Product Image Editing: Background Removal, Cropping, Resizing, Retouching

Right from background removal, cropping, retouching to Amazon photo resizing, Team4eCom does it all! Outsource Amazon product image editing service to us to get the best possible solutions in a quick turnaround time!

CTR (click-through rate) is a big catalyst for Amazon sales and listings with clearer & better images have the ability to engage more clicks. Amazon marketers often preach perfecting product images—the first impression or the deal-breaker across marketplaces like Amazon. Images communicate with shoppers, making them pause, click, and explore a product. Invariably, boosting this online behavior means more chances of registering sales. However, Amazon product imagery standards must follow a strict set of protocols. As a seller, you cannot take too many creative liberties. Hiring typical photo editing agencies can be expensive and these teams might not include genuine Amazon listing experts. The solution?

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You Need Specialist Amazon Photo Editing Services

So, What Does Our Professional Amazon Photo Editing Service Include?

Amazon Product Image Processing for
Primary Image | White Background Photo

This is the most critical of all product images. Also called the primary image, it shows up on Amazon's search results and it should comply with Amazon guidelines & best practices like:

  • Images sized 1000×1000 pixels for the primary shot
  • Image with clarity without any clutter in the background
  • Slightly zoomed-in shots for more clarity
  • Professionally clicked images are the best
  • White background image should have no drawings, captions, text, illustrations, or watermarks
  • Product-only image should not have additional bits like accessories, parts, user images, discounts, etc.
  • Ideally, the primary image should fill-up at least 85% of the frame
Amazon Photo Editing

Amazon photo background removal is perhaps one of the most recurring demands from our clients operating in the Amazon marketplace. Most have images with too many variables or high color contrasts that need professional image processing. When you outsource Amazon photo editing to our team of graphic designers and illustrators, you get the assurance of the most critical product image edited to perfection!

Amazon Photo Retouching, Resizing for
Secondary/follow-up Images | Product-in-use,
Lifestyle Images | Packaging Shots

After securing the white background image, our Amazon product photo editing team concentrates on lining up more secondary images. This includes:

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Wait! There Is More to Our
Amazon Image Editing Services for Follow-up Images:

Amazon Product Image Editing to
Utilize Max. Image Upload Opportunities | Repurpose All Available Images

Most businesses that outsource Amazon photo editing services don't realize that Amazon regulations usually allow up to 9 images per product listing. Our photo editing team aims to use all these slots, boosting the visual appeal of a product listing. This is where our expertise is uniquely leveraged. With sustained high volumes of e-commerce clients, our team of catalog management experts routinely handles endless silos of product data, including images. To consume all Amazon product image slots, we extract images from different resources, like product literature, manuals, PDFs, whitepapers, catalogs, or any other data shared by a client. If you want small product comparison charts or product infographics to be resized or edited, please share such instructions when ordering a FREE sample from our Amazon Product Photo Editing Services team!

Our Amazon Image Processing Standards Are Comprehensive!

We work with all image formats/types to address all photo optimization requirements. This includes:

What Sets Our Amazon Photo Editing Services Apart

As part of our Amazon image processing services, here’s what we bring to the table for our global clients:


How do professionals retouch photos?

Amazon product photo editing professionals generally use advanced tools like PhotoShop to carry out various retouching processes such as smoothening of skin, reducing the noise from the background, changing the color of the eyes, removing stray hair, body reshaping, background removal, and so much more. It might seem complex, but an image editing professional can make it seem easy and hassle-free.

How long does it take to retouch a photo?

It usually depends on the requirement of the client. If there are only two, three, or say ten photos, it won’t take much time. However, if there are a large number of image files to be processed, then it might take a few days.

How many images are you allowed on Amazon?

Apart from one primary or main image, sellers can upload up to 9 additional images to a single product listing.

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