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Data Enrichment Services

If you have an underperforming e-commerce store, one of the possible reasons could be that the visitors do not find the landing pages very useful or compelling enough. This can happen because of an oft-overlooked aspect of product listing—making sure the page has complete information about the product. A product page that has every detail that a potential buyer would need—product attributes and features, shipping, warranty, manufacturer specifications, etc.—is more likely to make a customer want to buy the product. If a visitor finds more information on your competitor’s website, they would be inclined to trust your competitor and buy from them instead of your store.

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What is Ecommerce Product Data Enrichment?

Product data enrichment is all about finding “gaps” and inconsistencies in product data and plugging them with up-to-date, accurate and relevant information. Data enrichment is not limited to product descriptions – it can be done for every bit of data pertaining to the product, including descriptions, attributes, meta data, etc.

Benefits in a nutshell:

Our product data enrichment services are aimed at enriching your product-related data with relevant information. We analyze your data thoroughly to identify missing information, inconsistencies, errors, and duplicate entries and enrich product descriptions with keywords to improve the search rankings of your products. With our services, you can build web pages that adequately answers all your customers’ questions thereby reducing bounce rates.

Highlights of Our Ecommerce Product Enrichment Services:

Why Outsource Product Data Enrichment Services to Team4eCom?

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