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An attractive and unblemished product image leaves a catalytic effect on the behavior of the buyers visiting your eBay store. In fact, images are the key access point to draw potential buyers and seal the deal for you. Product photos are also used for indexing, primarily facilitating the searches on eBay. Therefore, the importance of professional quality images becomes an overriding factor in drawing more clicks.

eBay actually encourages you to upload images that represent your product properly. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Photo editing for eBay requires a proper understanding of the trade and familiarity with the domain. An ordinary photo editor can ruin the game for you. You need eBay experts.

Team4eCom provides the entire gamut of professional eBay product image editing services.

I Know a Bit About Editing Myself, Why Would I Need eBay Image Editing Services?

Basic image retouching is different from eBay photo editing. Most photographs can't be uploaded on an eCommerce marketplace straight away. They will need modifications, like cropping, changing resolution, background, color & lighting corrections, etc. Doing so creates an impression of better product quality and contributes to traffic & conversions.

Additionally, you will have to edit hundreds of photos for listings every day. That can be very time-consuming (and counter-productive) for a business.

That's where an eBay listing company can help you with a consistent supply of high-quality product images, delivered quickly and at cost-effective rates.

What Do We Bring to the Table?

In addition to experience & expertise, our team of professional eBay experts bring potential brand building, higher market reputation, and better sales opportunities to clients.

When working on photo editing for eBay, we use proven tools and techniques to create stellar results. Our resources are skilled in the latest photo editing software and have the talent to integrate those skills with diverse eBay photo enhancement service requirements.

Highlights of Our eBay Image Editing Services:

Outsource Image Editing for eBay to Us if You Need to:

Higher Listing Traffic+Conversions At Competitive Rates

Grow Your Business With Our eBay Photo Editing Services


Hire Our eBay Photo Enhancement Services and Get Support Regarding:

eBay Product Image Editing

Yes, images communicate. They can make a visitor stop, explore and buy a product. So, professional image editing for your eBay store is essential. Our experts can source product images from reliable product catalogs, manuals, PDFs, and white papers. Alternatively, you can share your source as well. This is what our eBay product image editing services do:

  • Show a photo in the best light
  • Adjust the angles for clear viewing
  • Remove spots, sunburns, and other "blemishes" through photo retouching techniques

eBay Photo Enhancement

Even a minor change or adjustment can elevate the quality of an image. Images in your store may need color adjustments, background enhancement, colorization, and image cropping. Our eBay image editors are capable of providing assistance like:

  • Background Enhancement: For replacing black and white backgrounds with color, or color background with black and white according to your need
  • Image Cropping: For cropping and removing unnecessary elements from the image to make them clearer, better, and attractive
  • Color Correction: For restoring color and balancing the brightness and contrast in SRGB, CMYK, etc.

eBay Image Clipping

Clipping eBay images is not like clipping display pictures on your social media accounts. It is complex and a serious business. Our team of experts gives a uniform look to the images. Services are available for:

  • Image Isolation/Extraction: For perfect outlines and clarity
  • Hiding the "Neck": Especially used for clothing stores where mannequin photo editing, cut-out, and manipulation are needed
  • Clipping Path with Original Shadow: For creating shadows and a sense of depth with advanced blending techniques
  • Image Creation: For eBay-ready images of all sizes (thumbnail, zoom, or custom-defined)

Image Masking

Image masking is required to hide some portions of the product and highlight some of them. This gives a feel as if one is looking at the actual product instead of just an image! The eBay image masking service comprises

  • Layer masking
  • Translucency/transparency masking
  • Alpha channel masking

eBay Image Batch Processing/resizing

Batch processing/resizing is required for editing large quantities of images in a short time. Our batch eBay image processing/resizing ensures that:

  • The images are optimized especially for your eBay store
  • Attention is paid to image dimension, size, file format, and naming conventions

Image Background Removal

The background of an image has a greater influence on its quality. Thus, the unwanted background needs to be removed. Hire our eBay image editors for:

  • Removing multiple backgrounds
  • Removing or adding watermarks
  • Changing image backgrounds without affecting the overall quality of the image

Leverage Our Globally Trusted eBay Image Editing Company

Outsource image editing for eBay to Team4eCom and give your business the advantage of experience, expertise, infrastructure, and innovation. Join hands with us and get complete eBay listing services and support in addition to photo enhancement.

Outsource eBay Image Editing: Connect With Us

Push your eBay listings towards higher reach, visibility, and performance with eBay store photo editing services from Team4eCom.

We are an established market leader in eCommerce support outsourcing. Our clientele spans the globe and includes multiple Fortune 500 companies as well as medium and large enterprises.

Grow your brand value across eBay with Team4eCom. Outsource image editing for eBay to our specialists and get the best, most cost-effective outcomes in no time.

If you have questions about our eBay photo editing services or want to share requirements, write to us at info@team4ecom.com.

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Outsourcing Photo Editing For eBay: Commonly Asked Questions

How do I make my photos look professional on eBay?

Our photo editors use many tricks to create photos that clarify the purpose of a product while also signifying its quality and usefulness.

  • White backgrounds
  • Diffused lighting
  • Uniform color correction
  • High-resolution
  • Blemish removal

You can talk to our consultants to know more about photo editing on eBay.

How much does eBay store photo editing cost?

That depends on the number of photos, listings, and project timeline. However, we ensure cost-effective results for your eBay store with advanced tools and techniques.

Why should I outsource eBay photo editing services?

By outsourcing eBay product photo editing, you can get many advantages, like-

  • Up to 60% cost savings
  • 12-24 hour delivery
  • High-quality results
  • Access to expert photo editors

Can I choose the photo editor for my project?

Yes. You can choose resources from our pool through virtual interviews. You can also ask for samples to better judge their skills.

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