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Product Description Services

Product pages should contain more than a title, an image of the product and a bunch of features. Oftentimes, a description that only describes a product will not work. To be able to sell, you need—yes, you guessed it right—descriptions that are persuasive, ones that will nudge the visitors to buy. A professionally written product description has the power to convert a visitor into a buyer.

Majority of customers will not buy from a store that has incomplete or missing information. On the other hand, they’re most likely to gravitate toward one that gives a clearer picture of what the product has to offer. A product description opens a window of information about a product’s features and key benefits, so a visitor can make an informed choice before buying. The descriptions written by our product description copywriter are unique, lucid, SEO-friendly, and above all, relevant.

Selling products online is a tricky business. Your customers don’t have the opportunity to touch or feel the products physically. They can only rely on how your description describes a product. So, when the product descriptions aren’t written by a professional product description copywriter, you stand to lose your potential customers too often and too fast.

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The makings of a perfect product copy:

Why Outsource product description writing services to Team4eCom?

We are specialized in providing original, SEO-friendly, and high-quality product descriptions through our SEO product description writing services. Some of the advantages you get by availing our ecommerce product description writing services are:

Our ecommerce product description writer will take care of the following aspects of a description:


A title needs to be descriptive, crisp and meaningful without being too lengthy. Copywriters in our product descriptions writing team understand that different platforms have different norms for creating titles. We create unique titles that perfectly describe a product and can be scanned and retained easily in the memory. Irrespective of platforms such as Amazon, eBay, or individual website, our title experts can create SEO-friendly titles enriched with relevant keywords and product features.


There are four golden rules to writing a product description: it should be original, easy to understand, engaging and error-free! Only it isn’t as easy as it might sound. To get it right, and to have product descriptions that can sell products, you should hire product description writers.

Our team of e-commerce product description writers can create descriptions that clearly elucidate why your offerings are appealing and different from the alternatives available in the market. And what exactly our content writers do to achieve this goal? They do extensive research on different aspects of a product and similar products sold by your competitors, and make use of simple, effective language to get the message across.

When we write, we make sure that the information is organized in paragraphs and similar information is grouped together. Key information like uses, benefits, USPs and value proposition of a product is given utmost preference.


Features of a product are their USPs (unique selling propositions). Therefore, presenting them in a manner that presents complete information about an offering is imperative. Our product description copywriter uses specific details of a product such as shape, size, color, company/artist/author, and notable features or markings, manufacture date, etc. in a presentable manner that can be scanned easily.

With our know-how of the e-commerce industry, we understand that every niche demands a different approach. The method of presentation varies according to the market segment the product is catering to. Our writers understand these intricacies and use an industry-endorsed approach to present the product features.

Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

Although meta titles and descriptions may not directly impact the search-engine ranking of your product pages, they can certainly influence the click-through rate. With our SEO product description writing services, we can help you create attention-grabbing meta titles and descriptions. SEO-friendly meta titles and descriptions go a long way in creating a successful online identity. Each product description copywriter in our team is proficient in creating keyword-rich meta titles and descriptions keeping the ever-evolving SEO norms into consideration.

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