Seo-optimized product description writing

Are your product descriptions persuasive? Do they give customers a reason to buy? Are they driving enough conversions?

A description that briefly describes your product would barely contribute to business growth. You need persuasive descriptions that can convert visitors into buyers, boost search engine rankings, reduce returns, and build customer trust. However, writing unique and engaging descriptions can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially if you have a massive catalog. Outsourcing product description writing services to a trusted vendor can be your best bet in such situations.

At Team4eCom, we have a versatile team of product description writers who create compelling and informative descriptions that entice customers to buy from you. We skillfully showcase your product’s features, benefits, and USPs in a way that informs customers about your product and creates a sense of urgency or desire.

As an experienced product description writing company, we integrate appropriate keywords and phrases to optimize the product description for search engines and increase its visibility.

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Elements of a professional product description

Our product description writers use a combination of persuasive language, creativity, and technical knowledge to create high-quality descriptions tailored to your specific needs and target audience. When writing descriptions, we include the following:

  • Bulleted List of Features and Benefits
  • Attention-grabbing Header
  • High Search Volume Keywords
  • Technical Details (If Any)
  • Meta Title and Description
  • Unique Brand Tone
  • Powerful Visuals
  • Feature Lists
  • Social Proof
  • Powerful CTA

Invest in human-assisted product descriptions over ai-generated ones for maximum business benefits

  • 15x more customer engagement
  • 10x more sales
  • 25x more conversions
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Establish brand identity with our on-demand product description writing

In addition to providing basic information, product descriptions should also be able to position your brand and create a unique identity. Here are some key tasks our product description writers typically perform:


Substantial business benefits of our ecommerce product description writing services

Our team excels at providing original, SEO-friendly, and high-quality product descriptions for multiple eCommerce platforms. Here are some advantages of outsourcing product description writing services to us:


When you partner with us for product description writing, we offer you the flexibility to scale up/down the team per your requirements. This can be particularly beneficial for clients with seasonal products or fluctuating demand, as they can adjust their writing needs accordingly.


Outsourcing product description writing services can free up your time and resources to focus on core operations, such as marketing, sales, and customer service. This can improve productivity and efficiency while helping to grow and succeed in the competitive market.


Our eCommerce product description writing services ensure that all of the product descriptions on a website are consistent in tone, style, and format. This creates a professional and cohesive image for your business and helps build trust with potential customers.


Well-written and persuasive product descriptions can increase the chances of a customer making a purchase. Our product description writing services can help you increase sales and revenue by improving the quality of the product descriptions.


A well-written product description engages potential customers and keeps them interested in the product. By highlighting the unique features and benefits of the product, our writers help grab the customer's attention and keep them engaged.


By outsourcing product description writing to us, you can save up the costs of hiring a full-time writer or team of writers. You can also save the costs of software, hardware, or other overhead expenses associated with an in-house team.

End-to-end product description writing services for multiple ecommerce platforms and marketplaces

Here’s how we create custom product descriptions

We follow a simple yet effective approach to create compelling and informative product descriptions that represent your products in the best possible manner.


Choose our ecommerce product description writing services for intended outcomes

As a global industry player, we have a versatile team of copywriters who create product descriptions that elucidates why your products are enticing and different from your competitors. In addition, we ensure the product copies solve customers’ queries for maximum conversion, sales, and profits.

Here’s what makes our eCommerce product description writing services unique:

Boost your sales with customized product description writing services at your disposal

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Outsourcing product description writing services - faqs

Why are product descriptions important?

A product description is important because it helps customers understand the key features and benefits of the product. It also helps to differentiate the product from similar products and can influence the customer's purchasing decision.

Can I use the same product description on multiple websites?

Using the same product description on multiple websites is generally not a good idea, as this can negatively impact your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Search engines penalize duplicate content, so creating unique product descriptions for each website is better. To know more, get in touch with experts at

How much does outsourcing product description writing cost?

The cost of outsourcing product description writing can vary depending on several factors, including the project's length and complexity, the writer's expertise and experience, or the number of products that need to be described. Get a free cost estimate.

How do you deliver the final descriptions?

The product descriptions are either uploaded to the client’s eCommerce store after final approval or securely delivered in the client’s preferred format.

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