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Amazon is ruling all over the world. Most of us spend half of our salary shopping from Amazon Prime. From buying random household products, stocking up kitchen and bathroom products, to adding new clothes to your wardrobe. Even when you have nothing to buy, you would end up buying your beloved snacks in bulk. That’s what Amazon is, completely irresistible, it makes our life more convenient and affordable. 

If you are a retailer who is selling some amazing products at affordable prices and still cannot see a boost in revenue, then this guide is for you. We have compiled a complete guide on Amazon advertising services. Here, you will walk through what are Amazon Ads, the benefits of availing the advertising services, and how it works for small retailers.

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Now, let’s take you through the detailed explanation of the aforementioned topics.  

Amazon Advertisements

Amazon is known for playing big, the company has even left Facebook and Google behind. Facebook and Google might have access to user’s interests and search data respectively but Amazon does not only know your interests and what you search but also knows what you buy and when you would want to buy again. 

As per new records, there are more than 5 million Amazon sellers across the world and only 1.4 million retailers are making more than 100 thousand dollars in sales. Then where are the other 3.6 million sellers lacking?  The answer is Advertising. 

Advertisers work as a middle person who takes time to understand your business and products and then develop an Amazon advertising campaign that will help your business to grow. 

Types of Amazon Advertisements

There are mainly three types of advertisements that advertisers create for your brand to get more eyes on your products. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Amazon Headline Search Advertisements

Headline search ads appear as headline banner ads often above the search listing on search result pages, as seen in the example below. They guide the customer seeking similar products to a specified Amazon page.

Wondering how Amazon advertising services can help you in increasing your sales with Headline search ads? Let’s find out how.

As Headline search ads appear at the very top of the search results page, they become an important tool for growing sales and brand recognition. These advertisements are more efficient as they are targeted by keywords and can support three or more items at the same time. So, you can also group multiple items on your shared business goals basis. For example, you are running one Headline search ad featuring a product that is growing sales and another is focusing on the improvement of your product’s popularity. 

Hence, Amazon advertising agencies promise not only growth in your sales but also retains your customer’s focus on your brand’s visibility.

2. Amazon Sponsored Product Advertisements

Sponsored product advertisements operate in a similar way to Google Shopping Network ads. They are the most popular type and also very effective. These ads are produced automatically from the advertised product listing and only be modified indirectly. 

Amazon sponsored product ads can appear in two places, both of the types are shown in the below images:

When customers click on any sponsored product advertisement, they will see the details of the product on a new page which will be again an advertisement.

Advertisers can choose between exact expression or broad match styles for these keyword-targeted advertisements. Advertisers may also set a regular budget as well as the length of the Amazon advertising campaign.

3. Amazon Product Display Advertisements

This Advertisement type is launched in the year 2019 by the Amazon advertising agency with the aim to target the interests of various customers and the complementary products.  Product Display Ads function a little differently than the other two ad formats discussed above. Although this is also charged by cost-per-click and equally efficient but less accurate. 

Ever wondered how Amazon product advertisements got appeared on some other websites too? It is because of the Amazon Product Display Ads. These ads aren’t keyword-targeted advertising, but rather show ads that are based on your interests or products. 

They are also operated on a cost-per-click basis and guide shoppers to the product information tab. These advertisements can be found on the right or bottom of search results, on the customer feedback tab, or other web pages shown n below:

After knowing what all will be included in the advertising package, the several types of ads, and how it works, we hope you know the potential of the services. 

If you are still unsure about how an Amazon advertising campaign can help you to achieve your advertising goals on Amazon, we want you to walk through the next section. 

Advantages of Amazon Advertising Services 

As a seller, all you want is to see your product on the top of Amazon’s search listing and boost your revenue. But this remains a dream for the sellers who are not aware of Amazon advertising services. A well-planned advertising campaign helps a seller to get maximum impressions and popularity of the product. The benefits do not end here, go through the enlisted points and learn how your business will grow on this online shopping giant.

1. Global Reach – Items promoted by Cost-Per-Click or sponsored posts gain worldwide exposure and impression. A single PPC campaign for your product will generate a thousand followers in a matter of seconds. Even if only a few users click on the connection and place orders online, you can still sell a lot of items on Amazon.

2. Foremost Rank – As witnessing your product on the top of the Amazon search results page was your ultimate dream, an Amazon advertising campaign has the potential to do so. Avail of the services by contacting the Amazon advertising agency and make your product visible at the top which was earlier appearing in the way below. 

3. Retain Buyers Not Viewers –  Customers on Amazon look around the platform to find what they need or what their hearts really want. Related sponsored advertisements, without a chance, save their time by showing product details alongside their targeted search. He has the ability to click on the connection at any time. This is one of the best qualities of following a good Amazon advertising campaign.

4. Measure your growth – Amazon is offering its advertising services to many sellers but how well you are doing depends on a few parameters. Amazon provides a funded good reporting feature that allows sellers to track and develop their cost-per-click campaigns. It informs the seller if his goods are performing well when such keyword combinations are used.

To find out how well you are doing as compared to your competitors, learn how to perform Amazon competitor analysis from our other guide. It will help you to improve your presentability of products and impression as well.

5. Cost-per-click not impression – This feature introduced by Amazon advertising agency stands apart. It comes with Amazon sponsored advertisements and you only have to pay per click. The promotional rates for sponsored items do not need to be paid individually with a vendor’s credit card. Amazon deducts the sum from the advertiser’s selling proceeds as soon as the seller hits the current credit ladder. As a result, the transaction is relatively painless.

6. Get a well-planned Amazon advertising campaign – Amazon is changing its advertisement structure day by day. Even a well-experienced Amazon marketing firm is seeking Amazon SEO strategies to sell more products in the pandemic time. So, let the best CPC campaign create some compelling advertisements that are relevant to buyers’ search intent. 

After going through some of the benefits of buying a well-structured Amazon advertising campaign, you must have prepared your mind to buy the services. But before you take an exit from here, we want you to go through one more important section.

Pre-requirements of Amazon Advertising Campaign

The terrible effect of economic turmoil has made all the small and larger businesses wary of pursuing online marketing. That is why every business needs to avail the right Amazon advertising services that understand your product, seek the right buyers, and draw their attention to buy your product. But, do you even qualify for buying the Advertising services? 

Make sure of the below-mentioned points before starting leveraging Amazon advertising services: 

  • You must have an Active Amazon professional vendor account. 
  • The Buy Box has to be available to all listings. Your ad will not appear to Amazon shoppers if it is created for a product listing that is not qualified for the Buy Box. Ads that aren’t eligible are flagged in Vendor Central’s Campaign Manager under the Advertisement tab.
  • You must have the availability of shipping any product to any address in the United States.
  • Product listings in one or more of the categories that are available. New products are needed. Supported Goods are not suitable for used products.

These were some of the mandatory requirements of Amazon before availing of the advertising services. Once you qualify all of them, get in contact with the Amazon advertising agency and buy the desired services. 

If you are facing a downfall due to COVID-19, check out our effective blog on 5 ways to shape your Amazon selling strategy during COVID-19 here. 

Closing Points

We hope the aforementioned information was helpful to you. If you have any queries regarding the various types of Amazon Ads and their benefits or how to use them at the best level, get in touch with us.

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