Importance of eCommerce Product Taxonomy and How to Develop It Effectively?

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A common mistake most businesses do is sorting search results by attributes based on anything other than relevance, leading to low-quality results. While an optimized product categorization is the crux of a successful product discovery strategy, many businesses still don’t know how to perform it correctly. Do you know that only 10% of eCommerce sites address this issue and optimize their product taxonomy to retain users? Organizing products in categories without relevance will lead you nowhere. To make product discovery quick and simple for users and enhance the chances of conversions, you must optimize your eCommerce product taxonomy. But how?

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Amazon Listing Hijacking: Comprehensive Prevention Guide

After putting in countless hours to develop a stellar product catalog and establish a reputable brand presence on the Amazon marketplace, it can be disheartening to discover negative reviews that misrepresent your hard work. This is a clear sign of Amazon listing hijacking, where unauthorized third-party sellers undermine your brand’s credibility by offering inferior or counterfeit versions of your products. This detrimental practice poses a serious threat to your business and requires immediate attention.

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6 Last-Minute Strategies to Pump Your sales During Halloween 2022


Halloween is almost here! People are getting ready to celebrate the biggest spook-fest of the year while eCommerce sellers are getting ready to mint that intent and boost sales. Additionally, for online retailers, it’s a season of excitement and fear because the most significant sales peak of the year has officially begun. Every seller is trying to up the ante in the race to engage more consumers and secure more sales. So, you’ll need a very well-thought-out Halloween marketing strategy to increase your store’s sales on Halloween and the holidays that follow.

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5 Simple Yet Effective Holiday Season Marketing Strategies


The National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts that holiday spending will rise in 2022, with “the potential to break prior records.” That is great news for retailers and many other companies whose annual revenues might be as much as 25% dependent on holiday sales. 

However, with so much at stake, companies must find a method to differentiate themselves from the competition. Here are five tried-and-true marketing strategies to draw in holiday season customers and encourage them to open their wallets wide.

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Here Is How Amazon Variation Listings Can Multiply Your Product Options and Profits



Customers love product choice, but that can be difficult to implement for sellers. Amazon product variation listing solves it by allowing multiple product variations to get listed at once. This blog details how using the best applicable practices, and others like Amazon photo editing, you can grow sales numbers of all product variants.

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