5 Simple Yet Effective Holiday Season Marketing Strategies


The National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts that holiday spending will rise in 2022, with “the potential to break prior records.” That is great news for retailers and many other companies whose annual revenues might be as much as 25% dependent on holiday sales. 

However, with so much at stake, companies must find a method to differentiate themselves from the competition. Here are five tried-and-true marketing strategies to draw in holiday season customers and encourage them to open their wallets wide.

7 Most Important Holiday Season Dates
Halloween Monday, 31st October
Thanksgiving Thursday, 24th November
Black Friday Friday, 25th November
Hanukkah Sunday, 18th December – Monday, 26th December
Cyber Monday Monday, 28th November
Christmas Eve and Day Sunday, 24th-25th December
New Year’s Eve Sunday, 31st December

A majority of online retailers tend to make the most of this time by employing different marketing tactics and strategies that may or may not work in their favor.

To take advantage of this year’s holiday season, we have compiled a collection of holiday sales promotion ideas that will help every online retailer attain more sales and increase their growth potential. Take note and make use of them for an extravagant holiday season!

5 Tried and Tested Tips To Make Holiday Season 2022 – A Success

Let us take a look at some of the key holiday sales marketing ideas to ensure business performance and profitability.

1. Get your online store in the holiday spirit

Trying to spread the holiday spirit with your brand? Start with creating fresh graphics and images relevant to the holiday season. If the existing ones require image editing, just go ahead. Let your audience know your brand is in festive mode and preparing to offer its buyers nothing but the best with holiday-themed content! Try and spread the holiday spirit across various social media channels where your prospects come more often. This is one of the common and most effective holiday sales marketing ideas to leverage. If you make the most of this time, you might be able to build a robust online presence.

2. Make your site more mobile-friendly

It is essential that your website is fully functional and renders smooth navigation. In addition to a desktop version, you must leverage mobile devices. In this tech-savvy era, people opt to shop using their mobile devices more than visiting the site on the desktop. Moreover, a mobile responsive website makes the overall shopping experience enjoyable for the buyers. Therefore, make sure your mobile-friendly website incorporates high-quality, visually-enticing graphics to provide a seamless, hassle-free, and exceptional buying experience. Mobile optimization is imperative for maximizing the reach and increasing the brand’s sales potential.

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3. Provide hassle-free returns to your buyers 

In addition to the above holiday sales promotion ideas, you must also aim to provide a seamless experience when the customers decide to return the product purchased for any reason. You must formulate a conducive return policy for your buyers to ensure easy and hassle-free returns. A clearly defined return policy goes a long way in attracting the attention of prospects and convincing them to buy more products from your brand. Keep the return process simple and short! Aim to put customers at ease and ensure that, in the end, they leave with a smile!

4. Reduce cart abandonment

You must ensure that your customers do not abandon their carts. Reducing cart abandonment is one of the best holiday sales marketing ideas you can leverage. In fact, the holiday season is indeed a great time to remind them about their incomplete orders and offer them exciting discounts to encourage them to shop. So what can you do to retain your customers while they plan to leave? Here are a few options for you:

  • You can offer your customers a quick deal that they can avail of while they are on the verge of leaving your website. These exit-intent offers help retain the customers when they decide to leave.
  • You can add a countdown timer or make them aware of the product availability with low stock warnings like “Only a few left!” to create urgency in the minds of the potential buyers.
  • Send a reminder email to lure the prospective buying audience to conclude their purchase. Send such emails within 24 hours of the abandonment to convince them to make the purchase.

5. Offer exclusive holiday deals & discounts 

Plan holiday events well in advance and decide what offers you intend to give on a particular day. This way, you can implement things well and get your prospects’ attention too! Try to target Cyber Monday and Black Friday separately and devise an effective marketing strategy to attract more buyers and increase sales. For instance, you can use a few Cyber Monday promotion ideas or Black Friday sale ideas for small businesses to lure your target audience. You can also go for a secret Santa sale on Christmas eve to keep your audience interested and entertained!

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Wrapping it up

These were some killer strategies to build a fool-proof, result-oriented holiday marketing plan to boost engagement and consequently increase the chances of a sale. For a blooming holiday season in 2022, online sellers must follow these holiday sales promotion ideas to make things worth every effort.

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Holiday Season 2022 Marketing Tips: FAQs 

1. How can I market my holiday offerings?

PPC-sponsored ad campaigns, ad extensions, and ad retargeting are just a few tools you can use to expand and improve your marketing efforts. Your promotions should begin early and be gradually increased. Although many shoppers start their holiday shopping in October, the season’s pinnacle doesn’t come until after Thanksgiving.

2. How can I launch a marketing campaign for the holidays?

Pick a holiday theme associated with your company’s goods and brand. Afterward, center your promotional emails, ads, and other materials on that idea. A great place to start is by making ‘THANK YOU’ holiday greeting cards for your customers. 

3. When should I begin my holiday advertising?

It makes sense to start advertising in October since two-thirds of American customers start their holiday shopping then. 

4. How can you entice customers throughout the holiday season?

There are numerous methods available. You can draw your target customer’s attention in multiple ways, including holiday cards, Facebook ads, and time-sensitive promotions, to name a few.

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