Top 5 Amazon SEO Strategies to Sell More in 2023

When it comes to SEO, the first thing that comes to mind is Google. The reason is quite obvious – it helps you drive an influx of customers, leads, sales, and profits. However, as an eCommerce seller, you have to compete with thousands of other sellers who are selling similar products like yours.

In such a scenario, it makes sense to leverage a popular marketplace like Amazon that had approx. 105 million U.S. Amazon Prime subscribers as of June 2019.

A majority of merchants selling on the Amazon marketplace don’t have time to gain knowledge of Amazon SEO or the Amazon A9 algorithm. If you are one of those sellers who don’t know how Amazon ranks products in organic search results, we’ve got you covered.

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How To Create, Optimize, & Upload Amazon Product Videos For Higher Listing Performance

upload video to Amazon listings


Amazon product videos can prove to be great marketing tools. Here’s how you can upload videos to Amazon and increase listing engagement, traffic, and conversions.

Videos have always been a critical part of SEO strategies. However, their efficacy multiplies on Amazon, posing enormous potential benefits for a seller. 

  • 62% of marketers link videos to higher engagement rates. 
  • 92% of marketers have reported a positive impact of videos on product understanding 
  • 81% of marketers connect videos to improving sales. 

Undoubtedly, an Amazon product video is a great resource. You need to know the best ways to implement it for better outcomes. We are about to tell you how to upload videos to Amazon listings, critical Amazon product video format, guidelines, types, and tricks.

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