Top 5 eCommerce Product Catalog Management Challenges

Common Challenges in eCommerce Product Catalog Management

The last few years have witnessed a substantial shift from in-store shopping to online store shopping. What we mean is, eCommerce has become a consequential part of the global retail framework. Thanks to the ongoing digitization and advent of the internet, the retail industry has undergone a significant evolution where consumers, around the globe, benefit from the perks of online shopping.

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How eCommerce Content Enrichment Services Drive Your Sales

product description

The average cart abandonment rate in eCommerce is in excess of 69% and the single most significant factor behind this horrendous rate is lack of pertinent product descriptions. Therefore, if you are running an eCommerce store, enhancing the shopping experience of your buyers with enriched content should be your top priority.

Bringing the customer to the checkout page in itself is a tedious task and takes a lot of effort and persuasion. When the buyer leaves the cart on the last step, it is no less than a tragedy. You can avoid this loss of business adopting eCommerce content enrichment. If you are not an expert on this important business function it is best to seek eCommerce content enrichment services of a specialized service provider. Successful retailers often outsource catalog management and simply concentrate on their core business – sales.

Writing enriched product descriptions with relevant information is a niche task that calls for special skills and industry experience. Instead of hiring expensive resources with these skills you should outsource your product data enrichment services to a vendor that gives you easy access to such resources. They provide contextual and useful information to your visitors and help you drive sales.

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