Fine-Tune Your eBay Sales With 6 Amazing Hacks

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With more than 1.5 bn live listings, eBay marketplace has grown to become the global eCommerce leader wherein you can sell a lot of things such as collectibles, gadgets, jewellery, books, etc. If you are on the lookout to increase sales on this dynamic platform, you must first keep your product listings effectively optimized. This would not only ensure that you stay ahead of your competing counterparts, but also help you sell better.

eBay listing optimization helps your potential buyers easily find you make the shopping experience seamless. Now, let us throw some light on how you can optimize your eBay listings and get the most out of your eBay storefront:

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Amazon vs eBay: Which Marketplace Suits Sellers the Best

Differences Between Amazon & eBay Marketplaces

Since the debut of e-Commerce in the 90s, Amazon and eBay have been two most sought after marketplaces. In their battle for market supremacy Amazon has emerged the winner of late, leaving eBay way behind.

In early days, eBay was the dominant company, reinventing itself as a clearinghouse for resellers from an auction house. However, Amazon later emerged as a retailer of gigantic proportions.

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