5 Ways To Shape Up Your Amazon Selling Strategy During Covid-19

Amazon selling strategy

During the current coronavirus outbreak, most Amazon sellers are finding it difficult to cope up with the recent changes in its policies, ever increasing demand patterns, supply chain delays, surges in seller fees, and whatnot! Glance through the various ways you can continue to sail smooth on Amazon with a robust selling strategy:

1. Keep Abreast Of Amazon’s Policy Changes

The first interim policy change pertaining to COVID-19 took place in the month of March, 17th march 2020, to be precise. It entailed restrictions on FBA inventory shipments for non-essential items at its EU and US warehouses, along with acceptance of products that are high on demand, but deemed as essential now. This policy change was crucial to free up warehouse space for essential items such as groceries, household staples, baby necessities, medical supplies, pet supplies, beauty products, and more. All of these are apparently the most needed products that customers require to stay healthy and safe while being constricted to stay at the comfort of their home during these unprecedented times.

It was a state of bewilderment for Amazon sellers, especially the ones who are earning revenue by selling non-essential items. And as every consumer or potential buyer is forced to stay at home, the demand for some items, such as books, craft supplies, toys and games, and home office supplies is increasing immensely. Sellers are having a hard time meeting these high demands in the light of the current FBA inventory shipment restrictions.

To make matters worse, Amazon has forbidden the creation of new listings for products pertaining to the novel coronavirus., including face masks and hand sanitizers. Additionally, it is also keeping a check on its marketplace for any false or misleading claim made in backend search terms and product descriptions. Recently, Amazon barred over a million product listings claiming such false COVID-19 claims. This calls for a routine auditing of Amazon listings by the sellers to not only prevent suspension of the seller account, but also ensure compliance of Amazon’s policies.

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How to Write Good Product Descriptions That Sell-3 Tips with Examples

3 Tips for Product Descriptions Writing

Writing product descriptions is an odd art. It’s basically stringing up words that can get you sales. At the same time, it’s a balancing act between appeasing a ranking algorithm and solving a customer’s query. 

Like we said, odd! 

And yet, if you don’t master this art, your online sales figures are as good as doomed. After all, there’s a reason why product content writing services have such a massive fanfare in eCommerce circles! 

  • 87% of shoppers consider product content a crucial factor when buying online
  • 50% of customers return products because the item didn’t match its descriptions
  • 98% of buyers abort the idea to buy a product because of inaccurate/incomplete description 

Clearly, content is critical. Creating original product descriptions that highlight your product’s USPs while keeping SEO in mind can help boost sales and conversions. Plus, they can lead to an increase in your eStore’s visibility and reputation. 

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Amazon vs eBay: Which Marketplace Suits Sellers the Best

Differences Between Amazon & eBay Marketplaces

Since the debut of e-Commerce in the 90s, Amazon and eBay have been two most sought after marketplaces. In their battle for market supremacy Amazon has emerged the winner of late, leaving eBay way behind.

In early days, eBay was the dominant company, reinventing itself as a clearinghouse for resellers from an auction house. However, Amazon later emerged as a retailer of gigantic proportions.

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3 Sure and Simple Tips for Selling More in the Holiday Season

Sell More in the Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost here, the season for consumers to shop more and businesses to sell more. For shoppers, holidays are all about great deals and irresistible discounts and for sellers, it’s about sales numbers and profit margins. 

Going by the trend, online sales during the holiday season are expected to surpass last year’s records. According to an analysis by Adobe Digital Insights, online sales during the holiday season (November and December 2019) are set to touch a whopping $126 billion this year. 

That’s a huge number and it signifies a lot of purchasing potential. eCommerce  sellers and online businesses are gearing up to boost holiday sales for Black Friday and the entire holiday season. More people are comfortable buying online, compared to retail stores, which makes.the holiday season a golden chance for an online business to sell more and make higher profits.  

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Amazon Competitor Analysis – A Quick Checklist

product listing optimization

With over 1 million sellers joining Amazon in 2018, it is evident that there has been a substantial increase in the number of new entrants on the world’s number one marketplace. And as a result, competition among sellers has increased manifolds. In such a scenario, staying ahead of the competition has become all the more challenging. If you intend to stay ahead and stand out from your competitors, conducting an in-depth competitor analysis is a great idea and an effective way to gain an edge over them.

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Getting Amazon Product Photography Right The First Time

Getting Amazon Product Photography Right

Given that  as many as 32% marketers think that visual content is the most prominent factor contributing to product sales, it becomes imperative for online sellers to put up high-quality, enticing photos on their product detail page, effectively grabbing the attention of the potential customers. And it goes without saying that Amazon is no exception.

So, if you are an Amazon seller, and intend to go about product photography  all by yourself, then you must follow the below-mentioned tips to get it right:

Keep the product and target audience in mind

Before jumping onto selling your products online on Amazon, you must first be clear about what product you are offering, and who all are going to buy your product. You should have a clear understanding of what requirements does the offered product fulfill and why your prospects will be interested in buying it for that matter.

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